Summer Hiking Trails

Welcome back everyone and its time for our daily blog. Today’s trail is Maggie’s peaks....

Summer Hiking Trails

Welcome back everyone and its time for our daily blog. Today’s trail is Goldstrike Hot...


People tend to think of a lot of different things when they hear words like adventure and outdoors. Camping and hiking in the mountains or the great plains of the wide countryside is almost always what first comes to my mind when pondering these words. Of course, these words also conjure up images of campfires, tents, fishing poles, climbing equipment, and– last but not least–hiking staffs.

The satisfaction and fulfillment associated with outdoor recreation is second to none. There is something so satisfying about walking in the rugged wilderness with nothing but a backpack and a walking staff. People tend to use walking sticks for hiking nowadays more for the connection it provides them with nature than anything else. Hiking sticks are an outdoor tradition. But hiking staffs can also be incredibly practical. Rough terrain can be tricky to navigate without the help of a walking stick to act as a third leg. Walking sticks are sometimes necessary to get to places that otherwise would be unsafe or impassible.

Backyard Blazer is made up of outdoor enthusiasts who understand the importance of preserving all aspects of quality carved walking sticks. Careful care is taken to ensure that we offer not only functional, durable hiking staffs made of high quality wood, but also walking staffs that are of a highest aesthetic quality and keep with the traditions and symbolisms associated in the carving of hiking staffs. While many people understand the carvings differently, and have different levels of appreciation for their heritage, there is still something about the designs that speak to people in a universal way. This, combined with the connection to nature that people have when they spend time outdoors create very meaningful, lasting experiences. We at Backyard Blazer are in the business of helping create those experiences for our customers.

So thank you for coming by, travelers and wanderers! We know that your love for the outdoors is what brought you here. We share your passion for wilderness exploration, camping, and outdoor recreation and we sincerely look forward to doing business with you! We are a company that strongly believes in what we offer, so if you have any questions regarding any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable staff is ready and willing to take you on the full tour. Thanks again, and happy adventuring!

And always remember: “Not all who wander are lost.” – JRR Tolkien, author


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